Tax Planning

Tax planning

Full-Service Tax Planning

If you're 50 or older and have started receiving social security, are you aware of the tax laws you must now obey? Most people don't, but rely on the Ilgenfritz Financial Group to make the process simple for you to understand - and save you money on your taxes.   

Explaining Social Security Taxes

If you receive social security and try to do your taxes yourself, you might end up being taxed at a rate as high as 85%. Don't put yourself in this situation. Our tax firm will advise you on investment strategies that can help to lower your taxable social security benefit for next year - and for the years after that one too! 

Visit us today with your tax information and we can start the process of saving you money. If we see any issues or problems, we'll address them quickly and accurately.

Proven Strategies to Reduce Your Taxes

For future tax years, we can help you reduce your total taxes if you have the following assets reported on your tax return:
  • Interest earned on CDs
  • Interest and dividends on other investments - mutual funds, etc.
  • Capital gains - you can still have a capital gain if you're lost money
Contact us to schedule an appointment with our tax preparers, who have year-round availability.

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