Specialty Tax Forms

Tax forms

Specialty Tax Forms

Do you have a unique living or employment situation that entitles you to a special type of tax deduction? You can entrust your taxes to the experts at Ilgenfritz Financial Group. We have a vast knowledge of all tax laws to keep your finances on track. 

Do You Need a Specialty Form?

Depend on the knowledge of taxes and tax law that comes with years of experience. We can provide you with advice specific to your personal taxes. The following are examples of situations requiring specialty tax forms:
  • If you have rental properties
  • If you have a Schedule-F farm
  • If you have a Schedule-C small business
  • Form 2106/PA-UE

What Should You Bring to Our Office?

If you are visiting us for specialty tax services and advice, be sure to bring the following documents with you: 
  • W2 forms
  • 1099 forms
  • 1095 health-return form: proof of 12 months of health insurance coverage (Affordable Care Act)
  • 1095A form: discounted price for health insurance through ACA
Tax forms

Making You Aware of New Laws

Within the last few years, new laws have come into effect regarding health insurance. For example, if you have had to buy health insurance during the middle of the year due to job loss or divorce, you must provide proof of insurance. Contact us for all your tax issues. 
Visit our locally owned and operated tax firm today for your specialty tax services. 

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