Financial Planning

Financial planning

Service-Oriented Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process that requires monitoring, reviewing, and constant updating. You may not think you require a written, comprehensive financial plan, but Ilgenfritz Financial Group can show you the advantages of implementing a simple financial plan for your future. If you're over 65, we'll help shop different Medicare plans to find a Medicare supplement to cover those prescriptions that won't get filled and will gain you access to the doctors you need to see.  

Making Your Money Live as Long as You

Let us match you with correct financial planning product. The process is as simple as scheduling a meeting with us and bringing the following documents with you:
  • Yearly tax return
  • 401K statements
  • IRA 
  • Investment CDs
  • Any other financially relevant documents

Identifying Profitable Income Streams

After you retire, you should ensure you have some other income stream aside from your pension or social security. Visit us to identify your concerns and goals, your estimated required income, prior investments, and any former employer's investment plans. 
Financial planning

Maximizing Your Investment

By using index annuities, you will be offered a tax deferral and guaranteed interest. Your money will earn interest based on the average gain in the index. By using this strategy, your principal and interest are guaranteed. 

We value your money as much as you do, so we promise to never try to outguess or outperform the market. 


25 Years in the Financial Industry as of Next Year
We offer competitive prices on our financial planning services. Contact us today to start planning your financial future!

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