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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and technical expertise in the protection and preservation of wealth. The entire staff of Ilgenfritz Financial Group is firmly committed to this philosophy.

Our clients share in the realization that by reducing taxes and using conservative investment options, backed by the strength of an insurance company; they can achieve their goals of increased income and increased security. Our clients usually do not want to manage their financial affairs on a daily basis; they want to simplify their lives and are willing to enter into a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial. They are highly motivated to work with a professional advisor.

Tax Reduction Strategies

It is not uncommon for us to find people who are paying taxes unnecessarily. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would knowingly pay more taxes than necessary, but it is true. We have identified “1040 Trouble Spots” that indicate if a person is paying more taxes than necessary. Our analysis will focus on your tax return and show you line for line how to reduce or eliminate taxes, especially on money you are currently using for income. Don’t hesitate to ask for your free no obligation Tax Reduction Review.

Tax Preparation

Many seniors appreciate knowing that a low cost option exists to have their 1040 tax form prepared. Our tax preparation service is coupled with our tax reduction planning, so we can demonstrate effective tax reduction strategies.

Safe Money Investing

Many of our clients no longer want to have their money exposed to the risk of the stock market. We certainly understand this sentiment and look for ways to help using tax deferred accumulation vehicles with guaranteed interest rates. Our clients appreciate the tax deferral; the guarantees offered by the strength of the Insurance Company issuing the contract, as well as the probate avoidance. If you have low interest Certificates of Deposits or are tired of losing money in the stock market; then this alternative is worth considering.

Multi-generational IRA Planning

Giving your children or grandchildren the opportunity to benefit from your years of saving is an admirable goal. The problem is that most people do not realize the tremendous transfer tax issues involved in passing on an IRA to your children or grandchildren. They inadvertently end up benefiting “Uncle Sam” by having improper beneficiary designations. You have the opportunity to “Stretch Out” your IRA and maximize the tax deferral. This is not automatic and requires you to make the right choices. We can help. You can get your personalized report outlining the impact of using this technique to transfer IRA’s to your heirs.

Long Term Care Expense Planning

For many people this is something they think will only happen to someone else. Our analysis will show you ways to use innovative strategies to protect yourself from the cost of long term care, but also keep your money in the event you never need long-term care. Don’t hesitate to ask for your own customized plan that will show you how to preserve and protect your assets.

Ilgenfritz Financial Group seeks to preserve and protect your wealth through client-specific financial analysis and review. Our services are designed to secure your financial well-being for both the short and the long term. As your advisor we are dedicated to delivering service in a manner that is both confidential and consistent with your needs.

A service organization

Service and personal attention are the hallmark of Ilgenfritz Financial Group. It is the defining quality that sets us apart from our competition. The personal relationship that we develop with each of our clients identifies our needs, objections, and risk tolerances. Thereafter, we develop strategies and illustrate how our conservative approach will meet your needs. Once we have agreed upon an appropriate strategy, we implement your selections. We are available to meet with you to review your account annually, as well as for periodic reviews.

In short, Ilgenfritz Financial Group is service-oriented, not sales-oriented. Our ongoing attention to reducing your taxes, securing and protecting your assets, and our frequent communication with each of our clients; distinguishes Ilgenfritz Financial Group as a truly client-focused firm.

Financial Planning

We believe in the financial planning process. This is the process of identifying goals, gathering and reviewing financial data, and designing and implementing a strategy to help you reach your goals. It is an ongoing process. Once the strategy is in place, it needs to be monitored, reviewed, and updated to meet dynamic circumstances. Not everyone needs a written comprehensive financial plan. Everyone, however, can benefit from the financial planning process.
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